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Chengdu Minjiang Falchion Co.Ltd.The company ,founded in 1994,is a high-tech civil enterprise ,technically embarks on the design of rigid alloy numerical control falchion and rigid aWe possess all sorts of advanced and intermediate technical experts ,can design ,exploit and manufacture accessory and falchion in profiled model or non-standard alloy needed.The company possesses integrated product line ,detecting system and manufacture detecting instrument including CNC special numerical controlled pectinate grinder,optical curve machine tool,whorl grinder,high-precision plane grinder,almighty tool grinder,almight tool microscope and JT3 projector.The main products are rigid alloy whorl accessory system,rigid alloy wearable accessory system ,rigid alloy molding falchion system,rigid alloy petrolic canal whorl pectinate falchion system and rigid alloy carbon whorl pectinate falchion system.The company has been authenticated by the ISO9001-2000 quality system,with the guidelines of "scie... [Detailed]
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